Erotic Moments: Woman To Woman / Эротические моменты: Женщина для женщины (Andrej Lupin, MetArt / SexArt / New Sensations) [2018 г. (эпизоды - 2016, 2017 годы), Vignettes, Lesbian, Cunnilingus, Pussy Licking, Fingering, Kissing, Brunettes, Blondes, S

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Erotic Moments: Woman To Woman / Эротические моменты: Женщина для женщины

Год производства: 2018 г. (эпизоды - 2016, 2017 годы)
Страна: Europe
Жанр: Vignettes, Lesbian, Cunnilingus, Pussy Licking, Fingering, Kissing, Brunettes, Blondes, Close Up Breasts, Close Up Pussy, Shaved, Trimmed Bush, Small Tits, Natural Tits, Facesitting, Lingerie, Pantyhose, Tan Lines, European Girls, Czechs Girls, Hungarian Girls, Russian Girls, Ukrainian Girls, Tattoo, Romance
Продолжительность: 01:45:44
Язык: Английский
Режиссер: Andrej Lupin
Студия: MetArt / SexArt / New Sensations
В ролях (с указанием известных псевдонимов актрис): Kiara Lord (aka Klara Lord, Chiara Sayaka Kinsky), Taissia A (aka Cindy March, Diva, Eva Shanti, Magda, Taisha, Taisia, Taisia Shanti, Taissa Shanti, Taissia, Taissia Shanti, Taissia Shanty), Katy Rose (aka Katie Rose, Kelly Stark, Kim, Kate Rose), Sybil A (aka Dani, Davina E., Kailena, Sybil, Sybil Kailena, Sybille Y), Nancy A (aka Erika, Jane, Nancy, Jane F., Nancy Ace, Nancy Ambrosia, Nansy, Jane F.), Anie Darling (aka Ania Darling, Annie Darling, Aneta, Ani Darling, Anie), Karol Lilien (aka Karol Orchid, Karol Lillen, Karol, Karol Lillien, Karol T.), Aislin (aka Anna Kampa, Caprice, Vicctoria Frindi, Victoria Frindi, Vika P.), Naomi Bennet (aka Naomi Bennett)
Описание (на английском с It starts with an awkward instance where eyes lock and escalates with an accidental touch. 9 gorgeous women in 5 explosive all girl scenes explore the heights of passion that can only be reached when desire becomes too much to deny. The leader in the highest quality adult entertainment invites you to share some Erotic Moments.
Описание (на русском): Первый том антологии в формате "в порно только дамочки" от прославленных стахановцев европейского "горячего кино" студии SexArt на широких и малых экранах! Зрителю (в какой там уже раз ) предлагают заглянуть в частную жизнь очаровательных представительниц прекрасного пола, которые в своих сексуальных предпочтениях ориентируются на своих же подружек (верим на слово ) и как у них там "и все заверте...." . Еще проще: "Механик, врубайте кино! Народ готов к разврату!"
Разбит на эпизоды: Да
Доп. информация:
1. Для видео и аудио дорожек указан битрейт по файлам с самыми высокими показателями. Битрейт дорожек варьируется от эпизода к эпизоду, но не превышает указанный максимум.
2. В каждый файл MKV с эпизодом фильма вшиты обложка и тэги.
2. Ссылка на фильм на сайте
4. Соотношение сторон видео - 2.35:1.
5. Рипы эпизодов фильма подготовлены Speedrip.
6. Дата релиза фильма (согласно информации с - Aug 20 2018. Эпизоды фильма сняты в 2016 и 2017 годах.
7. Ссылки на остальные части фильма, имеющиеся на трекере:
- 2-я часть (HD рип) -
- 3-я часть (HD рип) -
8. Порядок просмотра эпизодов фильма с scene 1 - "3rd", scene 2 - "Make Me Feel So Good", scene 3 - "Fantastic Day", scene 4 - "Upstairs", scene 5 - "Riverside".
Качество видео: HDRip
Формат видео: MKV
Видео: AVC, 1152x492, 25,000 кадров/сек, 2986 Кбит/сек, [email protected]
Аудио: AAC LC, 44,1 КГц, 2 канала, 96,0 Кбит/сек

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Описание эпизодов фильма (названия в алфавитном порядке)

Erotic Moments: Woman To Woman. Episode - "3rd" / Эротические моменты: Женщина для женщины. Эпизод - "Третий"

Описание эпизода: "Hand-held camerawork, black and white cinematography and an off-kilter soundtrack conspire to make the opening of "3rd" a startling departure from the norm, as we see pretty blonde Kiara Lord go about her morning routine at close quarters. The screen is flooded with color but the intimate camerawork remains as Kiara joins cute Taissia A for breakfast, their luscious kiss captured in extreme close-up. Taissia’s nipples are stiff as Kiara pulls off her top, and she responds eagerly as Kiara sucks and tweaks them. Kiara peels down Taissia’s miniscule shorts to reveals her fluffy bush, spreading her pussy lips and rubbing her clit before starting to lick the sweet pink folds. Taissia shudders with pleasure as Kiara tongues and squeezes her plump pussy, perching up on the kitchen counter to get rubbed to a climax. When she’s caught her breath, Taissia kneels to eat Kiara, her focused tongue-swipes reducing her girlfriend to a quivering wreck. A uniquely personal project for director Andrej Lupin, who handled all the camerawork himself to create the staggering in-your-face perspective, "3rd" allows you to experience intense sexual fulfilment up close as the third person in the room. Be sure to watch right through to the closing credits..."
В ролях: Kiara Lord, Taissia A
Режиссер эпизода: Andrej Lupin
Дата релиза эпизода: Mar 11, 2016
Продолжительность эпизода: 00:19:56
Ссылка на сайт-источник эпизода:
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Erotic Moments: Woman To Woman. Episode - "Fantastic Day" / Эротические моменты: Женщина для женщины. Эпизод - "Фантастический день"

Описание эпизода: "Hot blonde Nancy A and her sexy girlfriend Sybil A are having fun taking photos of each other on the steps of a mansion, at the start of Andrej Lupin’s carefree slice of stylish erotica, "Fantastic Day." They move their flirtatious fun to the bedroom, where Sybil’s provocative poses and naughty flashing leads to a passionate kiss. Nancy rubs Sybil’s pussy through her tight white panties and sucks her stiff nipples; soon they are both naked, Nancy sitting on Sybil’s face. Sybil licks up and down Nancy’s sweet slit, making her moan and fondle her own beautiful breasts as she grinds her shaved pussy on Sybil’s probing tongue. They kiss avidly and Nancy lies back for Sybil to eat her with a slow intensity that drives her wild, her body undulating euphorically as Sybil fingers her to a shivering climax. Now Sybil rolls onto her back so Nancy can spread her shaved pussy open and stimulate her with her busy fingers and tongue, driving her to new heights of arousal. Sybil rubs her own clit as Nancy teases her to a powerful orgasm. Basking in the sexual afterglow, the passionate girls end their "Fantastic Day" in a loving embrace, giggling and whispering sweet nothings to each other."
В ролях: Nancy A, Sybil A
Режиссер эпизода: Andrej Lupin
Дата релиза эпизода: Jun 16, 2017
Продолжительность эпизода: 00:23:19
Ссылка на сайт-источник эпизода:
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Erotic Moments: Woman To Woman. Episode - "Make Me Feel So Good" / Эротические моменты: Женщина для женщины. Эпизод - "Заставь меня чувствовать себя так же х

Описание эпизода: "Doing chores is boring, but cute blonde Katy Rose knows that sharing the chores with her sexy girlfriend Sybil A is one way to "Make Me Feel So Good." However, Katy finds Sybil far too distracting in her tight shorts, and before they can finish the task, she has Sybil on the couch, kissing her and rubbing her crotch through the rough denim. Their mutual lust flares as they start to undress each other, rubbing their nipples together before Katy dips her head to suck on Sybil’s beautiful breasts. She slides down between Sybil’s spread thighs, a thin strip of pubic hair directing her tongue to Sybil’s clit. She slides a finger into Sybil’s wet pussy as she licks her, squeezing her tits with her free hand. Sybil turns onto hands and knees, rocking her fine ass back against Katy’s face as she gets eaten from behind, pussy glistening with arousal. Katy makes her climax with some expert tonguing and fingering that makes her squeal and gasp. Now slender Katy lies back and Sybil licks and kisses her shaved pussy slowly, gradually increasing the pace and pressure as Katy gets more and more vocal in her pleasure. Soon Katy is on her back with her knees by her ears, pussy laid bare for Sybil to feast on with two fingers sliding in and out. Katy frigs her own clit as an intense orgasm sweeps through her. Finally the girls return to their chores, perfectly naked of course…"
В ролях: Katy Rose, Sybil A
Режиссер эпизода: Andrej Lupin
Дата релиза эпизода: Aug 25, 2017
Продолжительность эпизода: 00:19:01
Ссылка на сайт-источник эпизода:
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Erotic Moments: Woman To Woman. Episode - "Riverside" / Эротические моменты: Женщина для женщины. Эпизод - "Берег реки"

Описание эпизода: "Gorgeous Naomi Bennet and her platinum blonde girlfriend Karol Lilien take a stroll along the "Riverside" on a winter’s day in Prague, enjoying each other’s company as much as the landscape. And when they return home, the pretty girls warm up in each other’s arms, Naomi fondling Karol’s pert bottom as she urges her to undress faster. They are soon down to their sexy lingerie, kissing on the bed, Karol stroking Naomi’s pussy through her flimsy panties. She strips her lover naked, fondling her beautiful breasts and then sucking her clit as she slides two fingers between her plump pussy lips. Naomi flips Karol onto her back, sucking her nipples, then bending her over with her knees up by her head. She tears open the crotch of Karol’s pantyhose, tugging her panties aside and licking her exposed pussy, making her gasp with pleasure. She takes her time, licking Karol until she’s slippery with juice, dipping a finger delicately inside her tight hole, increasing the pace until Karol is overwhelmed with pleasure. Naomi moves onto all fours, her perfect ass in the air as Karol fingers and licks her shaved pussy from behind. She rubs her own clit frantically, then straddles Karol’s face and rides to a slow-burning orgasm."
В ролях: Naomi Bennet, Karol Lilien
Режиссер эпизода: Andrej Lupin
Дата релиза эпизода: Jun 02, 2017
Продолжительность эпизода: 00:24:21
Ссылка на сайт-источник эпизода:
Стоп-кадры для проверки качества:

Erotic Moments: Woman To Woman. Episode - "Upstairs" / Эротические моменты: Женщина для женщины. Эпизод - "Наверх"

Описание эпизода: "Come "Upstairs" with raven haired Anie Darling, where blonde beauty Aislin is waiting. Anie’s undressing in her bedroom, watched by Aislin, who can see into her room from the balcony. She watches Anie change into something a little more comfortable, touching herself sensually; when the sexy stripper appears on the balcony, Aislin practically chases her onto the bed, straddling the panty-clad hottie and kissing her hard. Anie lifts Aislin’s T-shirt to expose her gorgeous breasts, tweaking her nipples and stroking her own against them. Aislin’s hot for Anie, pulling off her panties and pressing her mouth up close on Anie’s shaved pussy. Anie watches the busty blonde slide her tongue between her slim labia, flickering over her clitoris. Aislin looks incredible face down, tanned ass in the air, shaved pussy pouting, lapping and fingering Anie’s wet hole. Aislin fucks in rhythmically with her fingers, Anie’s orgasmic cries filling the room. Aislin straddles Anie’s face, grinding her snatch into Anie’s mouth, her big breasts jiggling. She bucks her pussy into Anie’s face, then rolls onto her back as Anie drills two fingers into her, sucking her clit to draw her orgasm out slowly. Director Andrej Lupin makes ingenious use of the multi-levelled location – and the charms of two beautiful girls – to make "Upstairs" a truly elevating experience."
В ролях: Anie Darling, Aislin
Режиссер эпизода: Andrej Lupin
Дата релиза эпизода: Feb 17, 2017
Продолжительность эпизода: 00:19:10
Ссылка на сайт-источник эпизода:
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Отдельные раздачи:
"Make Me Feel So Good"
"Fantastic Day"
"Make Me Feel So Good"
"Fantastic Day"
"Make Me Feel So Good"
"Fantastic Day"
В составе паков роликов:
1080p - (номера роликов: 0311 - "3rd"); (номера роликов: 0825 - "Make Me Feel So Good", 0616 - "Fantastic Day", 0217 - "Upstairs", 0602 - "Riverside")

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