Fucked hero ~ everyone is aiming to my semen ...!? ~ [Ver1.01] (Dieselmine) [cen] [2016, ADV, jRPG, TRPG/Battle, Fantasy, Evil daughter/Monster girl/Succubus, Footjob, Blowjob, Rape, GangBang/Orgy/Group, Big Breasts/Big Tits ] [jap]

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犯されヒーロー~みんながボクの精液を狙ってる…!?~ / Fucked hero - everyone is aiming to my semen ...!? ~
Дата релиза: 2016/01/29
Дата обновления: 2016/01/30
Жанр: ADV, jRPG, TRPG/Battle, Fantasy, Evil daughter/Monster girl/Succubus,, Footjob, Blowjob, Rape, GangBang/Orgy/Group, Big Breasts/Big Tits
Цензура: Есть
Разработчик/Издательство: Dieselmine (ディーゼルマイン)
Платформа: PC/ WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
Тип издания: Оригинальная (лицензионная)
Таблэтка: Не требуется
Версия: Ver1.01
Язык игры: Японский
Язык интерфейса: Японский
Язык озвучки: Японский-Минимальные Системные требования:
:: CPU 2GHz :: RAM 2GB :: HDD 2GB :: 1024x768 ::
Once human and monster daughter conflict,
There was a world that began to walk the road of co-existence by the success of the brave.
After it from 100 years ......
Enemies unknown from a different world, hordes of weapons daughter is invading.
Before the overwhelming amount and power, humanity and monster daughter who is forced to inferiority.
In order to protect the village, the hero fight against weapons daughter is sieved courage but,
Frankly it defeated to become ....
And at that time it becomes committed are likely to be helped to the monster daughter.
Its name Rizesunea.
It was Satan who had once ruled the world.


January 30, 2016 bug fixes
-------------------------------------------------- ----
■ Ver1.01 (01/29)
After you fellow specific Mont daughter, Fixed a bug the menu is not displayed correctly
Fixed a bug that description of the deathblow of Mont daughter is wrong
Fixed a bug that specific Mont daughter occurs become deathblow possible during combat
-------------------------------------------------- ----
● Synopsis
Once human and monster daughter conflict,
There was a world that began to walk the road of co-existence by the success of the brave.
After it from 100 years ......
Enemies unknown from a different world, hordes of weapons daughter is invading.
Before the overwhelming amount and power, humanity and monster daughter who is forced to inferiority.
In order to protect the village, the hero fight against weapons daughter is sieved courage but,
Frankly it defeated to become ....
And at that time it becomes committed are likely to be helped to the monster daughter.
Its name Rizesunea.
It was Satan who had once ruled the world.
Even fleeting I think it "survived was ......"
By being Footjob to Satan, the hero is squeezed seminal.
Even while met with such doom and gloom, in order to win the weapon daughter and and pose a united front
Satan has not yet regained the power of 100 years ago, has been with the conditions.
"Periodically we will exploit the fine from differents. And I'll both fighting If this condition is Nomeru of"
While the hero is trouble, it ...... that and accept it.
Then the hero
Eiyuutan continue to be targeted by the seminal from ally from enemy opened the curtain.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------
● Situation
Mass ejaculation in Maou of Footjob!?
· Jumusume continuous ejaculation in firearms blame by!
- Acoustic daughter face-to-face locus + sound blame in the seminal exploitation!
And biological weapons daughter is manipulating the genes of booty!?
-Armor daughter of Tits in Tit seminal exploitation !!
And chemical weapons daughter ball licking to + seminal suction!
And mass ejaculation in SEX winding by Lamia!
- Enma is !! to pleasure hell with tentacles blame by
- Slime while daughters to blame the nipple, continuous ejaculation !! cowgirl
- The ultimate in weapons daughter is incorporated as a device of energy supply, infinite precision exploitation !!
While, in the fighter daughter is Footjob, seminal suction at the nozzle!?
· Battleship fucking mass seminal exploitation while being Khao daughter!
· Ultimate reverse rape!? Harlem reverse rape spree committed to both of monster daughter and weapons daughter !!
etcetc ......
-------------------------------------------------- ----------
● character
○ monster daughter side
Maou: Rizesunea (abbreviation: Linea)
CV: Tenkawa Milk
"Human beings are not to think our toys each Shiki doll ...... alien world is possible to love more."
Once the king of the monster daughter who had ruled the world.
It has been weakened in the fight against the hero of 100 years ago, against weapons daughters that have been invaded
The ambush by pulling in monster daughter, but are forced to inferiority.
Because the regain power efficient requires exploitation of the "fine", and with a phrase conditions
Go to a united front with the hero.
In the past it was brutal in the ruthless matchless personality, and after losing to the brave, only slightly
It has changed the view of the human.
However fundamentally has not changed, it is favorite things Itaburi in her own way
Kawai want.
- Lamia: Shibyure
CV: SayakaTakashi Ryo
The "Ufufu~tsu, if give the pleasure of the evildoer to us it would be nowhere near"
Although 100 years ago it was one of the Sanmasho is a devil immediate, since Satan is defeated by the brave,
I have been living in their own territory.
It has been followed by a lot of Lamia, by enclosing anyone who comes to be from his semen slave,
We have sent a day-to-day of obscenity.
Although guarding his territory from the invasion of weapons daughter, not willing to fight to take the initiative
I'm watching the game situation. In bewitching personality, I like the exploitation of accuracy than fight.
- Slime daughter: Rufutina (Rutina)
CV: Oyama Tyrol
"...... Man is thankful to cry that they blamed me? Will a stupid creatures pleased with bullying is to us."
In one of the Sanmasho, defeated but was fighting with weapons daughter with the devil, it is caught.
It has been brainwashed with a special medicine and fighting heroes as an enemy.
The monster daughter supremacist has been the motto, we have revered the devil.
The man is a hero to the servant handling of the devil, to handle cold.
- Enma: Henri
CV: SayakaTakashi Ryo
"...... Chrono, please show your power. It is because that's called here."
It's one of the Sanmasho but not participate in the fight against the hero of 100 years ago, the mystery Oki presence.
In monster daughter responsible for Between life and death using a special ability, of the person who fell in hell
It has exploitation semen.
Since the move in its own point of view, or it is difficult to understand what are you thinking.
In the fight against weapons daughter is considered a hero is the key, it is subjected to a little care.
○ weapons daughter side
- Ultimate weapon daughter: α form type unit Altea
CV: SayakaTakashi Ryo
"Take perish together ......'s son ......... Mystic"
ultimate weapon daughter different world grounded gave birth.
A truly up to date on the most powerful name, as even Satan who regained power also overwhelmed.
Biological and body is composed of nanomachines, it is also possible to create any weapon.
Use in favor of laser weapons to annihilate the enemy with overwhelming firepower.
I believe that the fight is what is served weapons, and has continued to war without it ending.
In a cold personality, tools monster daughter enemy, human energy supply (seminal exploitation)
And it does not look only.
Efficiently or to exploit a man of precision, the glamorous body appearance in the incredibly beautiful girl
are doing.
· Battleship daughter: Yamato
CV: Oyama Tyrol
"Sunk to you guys the bottom of the sea to have my gun!"
In Chodokyu battleship daughter, top class even blow of the main gun in the weapons daughter.
3 organizer in one aircraft of large weapons daughter.
Mission faithfully doing, have vowed an absolute compliance to the ultimate weapon daughter instruction.
Personality is kind to fellow calm, severe to the enemy.
Although it was not only seen as a supply of tools, - the human energy
Thought will change While we fought the hero.
And chemical weapons daughter: ESTY (Estee)
CV: Tenkawa Milk
"Ahahahaha~tsu! Akan, Akan. Magic 's, Hen solved the inner of brainwashing!"
Worst of weapons daughter was born in the different world earth.
3 at the same time as being one aircraft of the large weapons daughter, a prototype of mass-produced weapons daughter.
From biological weapons to poison gas, to create all sorts of chemical weapons, and defeat the enemy if it is sprayed.
In order to create an effective chemical weapons even in monster daughter, a significant threat.
The quality is as different but weapons of mass destruction, with a performance of enough to form the ultimate weapon daughter and matchless people.
In experiment I love kid, chemical weapons and human to estrus, the poison gas, etc. to continue to ejaculation forever
and sprayed to, we are collecting the fine.
There is no distinction between good and evil, any sacrifice if for the experiment willing.
Chemical weapons and has put an eye on is hardly effectiveness slime daughter, come aimed first and foremost.
-Fighter daughter: F-99 · Crimson Raptor (aka: Sheila)
CV: holly midwinter
"Fun~tsu, Atashi or those that are Nante differents not as in bad taste. Steal '
3 one aircraft of large weapons daughter
It boasts the best of firepower and the fastest performance in the fighter daughter,
What prey is also not also escape the enemy, to launch attacks from high altitude.
I have a cold and ferocious personality, fighting also H also harsh.
From the fact that further crimson crimson hair and eyes an enemy of blood, it is called Blood Raptor
There also be had.
※ blood is red or blue, etc. of monster daughter, because the infinite variety, it is not called so.
And biological weapons daughter: Vu~egina
CV: holly midwinter
"Planning is, is not a pretty boy. Hey, ... you let your sister and a good thing?"
Weapons daughter with the gene sequences closest to the monster daughter.
Yet a plump body with beauty, such as the arms and legs were embodies the biological weapons
That grotesque figure, it has a beauty and ugliness into mixed the body.
It is possible to manipulate their genes freely, it can also be transformed into any shape as long as it is a living organism.
However, since the different in the world ground there is no monster daughter, gene sequences do not know
It can not be deformed to monster daughter.
The current figure is a result of the pursuit of the figure that does not resemble anyone (hobby)
I love that it commit regardless of gender, is in his captivated by giving pleasure of the supreme, such as narcotics,
It goes endlessly squeezed seminal.
· Armor daughter: arming (abbreviation: Ami)
CV: Ito Moe
"UU ...... this, any more does not go to the translation to advance ...... A~u, and I'm sorry to say cheeky"
Brown weapons daughter boasts a defense force of iron-clad.
It is wearing a thick armor, even to withstand any attack.
On the other hand, the method of attack is not much, you can crush the enemy with a shield of arms, the defense force
I or perform rush attacks from high altitude that leverage.
Personality is a timid, it is not able to speak to see the people and monster daughter and eyes.
's Energy supply (seminal exploitation) is also poor, but to serve the reasonably hard,
Coupled with the big boobs, high popularity from the man as if anyway fucked it is.
And sound daughter: M9 (Emunain) (Also known as: ??)
CV: Oyama Tyrol
"Now! I'll let Hirefusa to the sound that I play!"
Destroy the enemy by projecting a sound wave, or weapons daughter to take the combat ability.
Since When you adjust the output can also be used as a speaker, but also carried out public relations activities.
Appearance's idol, but personality is de S. Hobby that soak in volupte to let Hirefusa the enemy.
Man of taste is intense, it will be picky even for energy supply.
The original name M9 (Emunain) But it is hated because no cute
It is using in favor of another name.
· Jumusume: Riberetta
CV: Ito Moe
"Kusu~tsu ...... I of Jumusume" Riberetta ". Please Yoshinani ...... it will be soon farewell"
Interpersonal in specialized weapons daughter.
Willingly use an old bolt-action rifle.
Since the bullet to be loaded is special, it is possible to fight even in monster daughter opponent.
It's warlike nature of the princess type, but is hated cowardice, was the sporting
I prefer the fight. The person who was recognized as the enemy to pay a certain respect, but harsh to those who are not.
○ human side
-Hero: Chrono
CV: holly midwinter
"I will not lose! The people in this world, !! to fight to protect the monster daughter"
Boy who yearn to brave.
If the order to protect the people, we have the strength of mind to challenge even stronger enemy than their own.
On the other hand, immunization of women in the basics (naive) is not.
Mind it's gentle personality, but because it is too serious, it is teased well woman.
Also I stronger even magic sword as a human being, but weak in comparison with the monster daughter and weapons daughter.
Because although the person does not want at all, it has a decent or more of the fine,
Unfortunately constitution susceptible favor with monster daughter and weapons daughter.


・究極の逆レイプ!? モンスター娘と兵器娘の両方に犯されまくるハーレム逆レイプ!!
CV:天川 みるく
CV:涼貴 涼
CV:大山 チロル
「……人間は私たちにイジメられて悦ぶ愚かな生き物なのでしょう? 私に責められることを泣いて感謝しなさい」
CV:涼貴 涼
CV:涼貴 涼
CV:大山 チロル
CV:天川 みるく
「アハハハハッ! あかん、あかん。魔法じゃ、ウチの洗脳は解けへんで!」
・戦闘機娘:F-99・Crimson Raptor(通称:シーラ)
CV:柊 真冬
CV:柊 真冬
CV:伊東 もえ
・音響娘:M9(エムナイン)(別称 ?)
CV:大山 チロル
「さぁ! 私が奏でる音にひれ伏させてあげる!!」
CV:伊東 もえ
CV:柊 真冬
「ボクは負けない! この世界にいる人を、モンスター娘を守るために戦う!!」

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